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One can easily jump from a group to another to discover or start interests-related topics with its peers. Each community is divided into groups of interests that help you easily find people matching your own interests.

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  • A group can have several states:
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    A public group is accessible by anyone. Every members are free to join or leave the group whenever they want.

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    A private group is accessible by members that have been invited to. Every members is free to leave the group whenever they want.

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    The locked groups can be spotted thanks to the locker on the left. The locked groups gather the whole community.


Any member can throw new topics through message or event cards which contain text but also medias such as a video, pictures, files or links. Members can post anything they are up and get the others vote for and comment the topic in order to create, share or simply chat. Within a group, you can whether post a message or an event.

Kenneth V.
Graphic Design
10 min ago
Jogging in the park
Hi people from the community, who likes to run and would go with me to the park this afternoon to train for the race next week?

Adding a title to your topic is helpfull for the community. Members would get more chance to recover your message when searching by keywords.

The « score » shows the number of votes other members gave to your message. The more relevant to the community, the higher your score will be. Share content that matters and increase your messages' scores to turn them into a trendy topic and get more visibility.


Organize and communicate about events in an easy way. A date, an address and a time can be added to a message to make it turn to an event card. Make it private or public and share it with the members of a group to make it visibile in their calendar.

Kenneth V.
Graphic Design
20 min ago
Rock Concert
Hey, my brother is playing at the bar this Saturday. Who would enjoy coming with me? I have some free tickets! Join the event if you are interested! ;)
Rock Concert
The 31th of April at 20.00
Parvis Sainte-Gudule 5, 1000 Brussels

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