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Meet other students having the same interests, wills or needs

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Tell the other students who you are

Create your profile on Stumber and tell the other students about you and your interests. Interests might be things that you love, want to do or are looking for. Stumber will make you match with other students' profiles having interests in common with you. See what is trendy on your campus and get inspired by others' interests or add your own. 

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See what is going on on campus

You can announce on your university board about your needs or wills to other students or check what are the others up to or looking for. Just create a new topic and link it to keywords with #, students having these # keywords as interests in their profiles will see your message at the top of their board.

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Match with other students

Stumber makes you match with other students based on common interests you have specified on your profile. The most interests you have on your profile, the best chances you have to meet people alike on campus. 

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